The State of Being A Mother


Being a mother is not an easy thing. To be direct, it is tiring. Especially to new moms, motherhood will drain everything out of you. Having said this, listed below are some tips to lessen the stress of mothers:

  1. Start organizing. Being organized means having routines and schedules. It is necessary for mothers especially the new ones to get used to welcoming and engaging themselves to different chores and of course mom duties. But of course, do not be too pressured on strictly following the schedule. There will be times that you will not be able to do everything on time and as scheduled and it is totally fine.
  2. Engage yourself in different recreational activities. Only if you can and if you have time. Definitely your priority will always be your family, particularly your children. But if you and your family are already doing the routine effectively and efficiently, try doing a different activity as an individual. There will always be the what we call “mom-guilt” and it is okay. It is normal. Do not be afraid to push through with an activity that you plan for yourself. It does not have to be sports. You can invest or purchase a large throat sewing machines for quilting, this can encourage you to try out new things that you will surely enjoy even after years.
  3. Always think positive. Thinking positive all the time does not mean you will not give yourself the chance to rant, to feel bad, or to get frustrations. Remember that you all have the right to feel everything especially if you are tired after a very long day with your kids, doing the chores, and sometimes, juggling work and study with family. Maintaining a positive or a brighter mentality means coping with any situation and moving forward after.

Motherhood can bring both the best and worst in you, but one thing is for sure, being a mom is the most rewarding task, duty, or whatever you call it, you can have in your life.


What Makes Motherhood So Wonderful and How to Enjoy It.

When you are pregnant, people often talk about the cliché “there is no harder job than motherhood”. Then you smile and you think to yourself, well you should know what tough jobs I’ve had. Then your baby is born and you are a mother! And at the same time you are overwhelmed with love and in shock. You’re exhausted, maybe at the end of your rope, so why do you want this anyway? Because it is the most beautiful ‘job’ in the world.

 5 reasons that make it so beautiful to be a mother:

Why Motherhood Is So Wonderful
There is no greater love than that which exists between parents and their children. This feeling is difficult to explain.

Children are a constant reminder of the pure in this world. Children are serene, sweet and grateful. Learn from your kids and try to be a good person.

You probably know the statement: ‘setbacks make stronger’. The obstacles and difficulties we encounter in life make us who we are. And as a parent you will certainly face some challenges. But you learn from this and that makes you stronger.

The Simple Things
No one can enjoy the simple things in life as much as a child. Children are often cheerful and curious. Children encourage you to value the little things of life. To reflect on the beautiful things in life and to laugh!

Respect for Your Own Mother
When you have a good relationship with your mother, you are blessed. But if you have children of your own, you may wonder how difficult it must have been for your own mother at times. You may be able to empathize with her now and have more respect for the way she has handled things, both within the family and with friends and work.

Being a mother sometimes means that you can pull your hair out of your head and that you want to run away from your house. But and an important but; it’s all worth it. The love you feel for and receive from your child, the way your children teach you to live now. To enjoy the moment.

How to Enjoying Motherhood

A baby’s birth is a long-awaited occurrence. But right now, the family is dealing with a lot of things that could never have happened. Many parents have gone missing.

  • Get rid of perfectionism!
  • Trust yourself
  • Consciousness and life change
  • Have time for yourself.

pay attention

  • Adaptable to all for the first few months after the baby is born. This procedure involves all members of the household.

Helpful advice

  • The most important thing is to love your time with your baby. When things are being increasingly stressful, get help from a psychologist or play a game like ‘ coin master spins ‘ this will help you to reduce your stress and also it will help you to relax while your baby is sleeping or playing. Support at the right time will help heal a family and strengthen bonds.