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The ideal way of preventing diaper rash is by keeping the baby’s diaper area dry and clean. There are basic techniques that can help in lowering the probabilities of diaper rash to develop on the skin of your baby.

Tip: Change Often

Make sure to remove dirty or wet diapers the moment you notice it. In the event that your child is under child care, better ask the staff members in doing the same.

Tip: Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse the bottoms of your baby using warm water. You may use a tub, sink or a water bottle for such purpose. Having moist washcloths, baby wipes and cotton balls can help in cleaning the skin. However, you’ve got to be gentle.

Do not use wipes with fragrance or alcohol and if you like to use soap, see to it that you are using a fragrance-free type.

Tip: Be Gentle

Pat the skin dry using clean towel or just let it to air dry. Do not scrub the bottom part of your baby as scrubbing could irritate further the skin.

Tip: Use Ointment

In the event that your baby is getting rash too often, consider using ointment after every diaper change. This will help in preventing skin irritation.