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Diaper rash is pretty common type of inflamed skin or dermatitis that looks like a patchwork of bright red skin. This is normally related to infrequently or wet changed diapers, chafing and skin sensitivity. Most of the time, it is affecting babies, though anyone who is wearing diapers on a regular basis may develop such condition.

Diaper rash could be very alarming on parents and might annoy babies in the process. Usually, it can be cleared up with simple treatments at home such as air drying, changing diapers more often and using ointment.

Characterizing Diaper Rash

There are different characterization for diaper rash and among them is the following:

Skin Signs

Diaper rash is being marked by tender-looking skin that looks red that appears in thighs, buttocks and genitals, typically in diaper region.

Changes in Disposition of Your Baby

You might notice that your baby appears to be uncomfortable than normal, particularly when changing diapers.

Baby who has diaper rash normally cries or fusses when diaper area is touched or washed.

When You should See a Doctor?

Say that the skin of your baby does not improve after doing home treatment, that is the time when you should visit your doctor.