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If you are expecting a baby boy, then it may be in your mind whether to circumcise him or not. As a matter of fact, it is a nice idea to have your little boy circumcised in advanced.

Is Circumcision Necessary?

Depending on culture and religion, circumcision is a tradition or religious rite. In the US though, majority of the boys are being circumcised mainly for social or religious reasons. Currently, there’s discussion whether circumcision is recommended from medical standpoint.

There are many possible benefits of circumcision but also, there are risks associated to it. Studies discovered that infants who are circumcised have lower risks of catching UTI, although these aren’t common in boys and may occur less in circumcised boys, normally in their first year. Besides, neonatal circumcision offers a level of protection from penile cancer, which is a rare condition.

It’s Easy and Fast

From the time of birth, most boys have excess skin that almost covers or covering the end of penis. Circumcision is removing portion of the foreskin so by that, the tip of genitals and opening of urethra, through which the baby is urinating is exposed to air. When performed by seasoned physician, circumcision will only take minutes and rarely is complicated.