Deciding whether you should use formula milk or breastfeed for your baby is among the biggest and most important decisions that new parents and expectant mothers have to make. A lot of health experts are recommending to go with breast milk for it contains the best nutritional choice among newborns.

Depends on the Situation

However, breastfeeding might not be always available for women. For most, the decision of breastfeeding or formula feeding their child falls on their:

  • Lifestyle
  • Comfort level and;
  • Medical situation

As for moms who are not able to breastfeed or who opted not to, formula milk is still a nice and healthy alternative.

Formula milk does provide newborns with the essential nutrients that they need to survive and grow healthily.

There are mothers who are feeling worried that if they do not breastfeed, they will not be able to establish a strong connection with their newborn. In reality though, all loving mothers have a special bond with their kids. Feeding, regardless if it is breastfed or formula will be a wonderful time of strengthening that connection.

What now?

The decision whether to formula feed or breastfeed your baby is a matter of personal preference. You have to weigh in the benefits and drawbacks of each approach to make the best decision.