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After you take off the cloth diapers, it should be put in a holding container. There are parents who put the diapers in a pail that’s filled with water. This allows them to pre-soak the diaper before washing it. Others are shaking the solids in toilet and dropping the diaper in plastic-lined pail after the change. Just do whichever is more convenient for you.

Cleaning Your Cloth Diapers

Another option that you can try is rather than having a pail that is filled with water, rinse the diapers off after you change your baby and then, throw them in a dry pail. Through this, you still get the benefit of having a rinsed and mini soak because they are in a pail, soaking wet.

You might also find it useful if you keep the cloth diaper pail in bathroom when using this method.

Steps for Laundering Cloth Diapers

When cleaning cloth diapers, there’s a standard set of steps to be followed and these are as follows:

  • Remove the inserts from the pocket diapers
  • Use highest water level
  • Start with cold rinse, don’t use detergents
  • After cold rinse, run it on regular wash cycle on hot water with ¼ cup detergent. If you are using cloth diaper detergent, simply follow the manufacturer’s instruction