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Breast pumps are removing milk from breasts. It could be used in collecting milk that’ll be then fed to your baby while you are away. This additionally relieves engorgement, increase milk supply or manage overabundance of milk supply.

Aside from that, pumping lets you provide breast milk to your baby in the event that they’re hospitalized or in NICU. If you are planning to get back to work, it will be essential to have a quality breast pump. There are various kinds of breast pumps in the market, which will largely depend on how frequent you will be pumping.

What Kind of Breast Pump to Buy?

If you are only planning to pump occasionally, then a manual pump will do that is operated by simply squeezing a lever with your hand. If you’re returning to work or planning to pump on regular basis, then you may opt to buy double electric breast pump.

Containers and Storage Bags

Breast milk containers and storage bags are made mainly for collecting and storing breast milk. They’re necessities among anyone who is planning to pump their milk. These products are also designed to endure freezing as well as thawing and can store your milk safely for extended period of time.