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For first few months of your baby’s age, feeding every middle of the night are certain to disrupt the sleep patterns of parents as well as babies. But, it is never too soon for parents to ask for help. There are tips that you can try to promote better sleep for your babies.

Tip number 1. Have a Consistent Bedtime Routine

Overstimulation at night makes it hard for babies to sleep. Try cuddling, playing quiet music, singing, bathing or reading with a clear defined end point when leaving the room. Start these activities before your newborn is overtired in a softly, quiet lit room.

Tip number 2. Let Your Kid to Drowse before putting to Bed

By doing this, it is going to help your baby be accustomed with bed to fall asleep. Keep in mind to put your baby to sleep on their back and a clear bassinet or crib of blankets or any other soft items.

Tip number 3. Give them Time to Settle Down

Your baby may cry or fuss before you find a comfortable sleeping position. If crying does not stop, then check on your baby, offer some comforting words and then leave the room. Your reassuring presence may be everything that your baby needs for them to fall asleep.