Download Best Intentions Unplanned Pregnancies the Well Being of Indiana Families

Believe it or not, majority of the pregnancies recorded in the US are unplanned. What this mean is, there are countless of women who might be pregnant without actually being prepared for it. Planned pregnancy helps in having a healthy baby.

Besides, newborns who are planned by their parents are likely to be healthy compared to those who are not. If you plan to have a baby, you’re likely to be healthy before getting pregnant and get regular and early prenatal care too throughout your pregnancy.

Planning for Your Pregnancy

There are several ways on how you can plan for pregnancy. Among these things is by making a reproductive life plan. What this essentially means is, thinking when you wish to have a baby. For this to become effective, you might want to ask yourself few questions such as:

  • How many kids you like?
  • What’s the interval you want them to be?
  • How could you be healthy prior pregnancy?

It’s Teamwork

You better sit this one out with your partner and discuss everything before pregnancy. Remember, there are no wrong or correct answers and your answers might also change as time passes by. You as well as your partner might not agree on everything, so you might have to compromise and figure things out.