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Are you thinking how cloth diapers work? Well, one of the greatest things for those who are new to cloth-diapering is, it is reusable. When the diapers are soiled, you can simply put into laundry to get rid of the dirt.

Not only that, there are many different options available for cloth diapers that are sure to meet different preferences.

Take Recommendations First

Just before you buy big bulk of cloth diaper or change into a new brand, it is recommended that you try different types and styles of cloth diapers first. This way, you get to see what is best for your baby.

You may also consider borrowing some from your friends who have used one. Other options is by trying consignment stores or any online diaper-swap sites or visiting social media pages of different brands as some companies are issuing calls who would test their products.

Washing Preference

Just as what you do in buying new baby clothes, you want to have just-bought cloth diapers via laundry. It is best to set cycle on hot with little mild detergent. The exceptions would be diapers that are made from hemp, which has to be washed as many as 8x to 10x before it becomes absorbent, cotton that shall be washed 4x to 5x and bamboo that must be washed 2x to 3x.