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Breastfeeding Webinar Series
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2017 Breastfeeding Webinar Series

Sponsored by Indiana WIC, St.Vincent Health and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services





The Indiana Breastfeeding Coalition at Indiana Perinatal Network is pleased to announce the 2017 Breastfeeding Webinar Series.  Each month, a clinical or community topic will be presented by a local breastfeeding expert. Webinars are free of charge and open to the first 100 participants. 

Webinars are at a new time!

Webinars are from 1-2 p.m. on dates given below.


April 18th 1-2 p.m. - Community 

Public Breastfeeding: Laws, Support and Solutions

We will hear from two speakers on the topic of breastfeeding in public. Shannon McKinney-Shubert (Michigan) is passionate about improving the health of women and their families, and to that end, she believes breastfeeding is a public health imperative. She will be talking about a social marketing campaign in Michigan that focuses on normalizing breastfeeding in public. Lori Nester (Ohio) will discuss two projects that the Ohio Breastfeeding Alliance has been working on to support breastfeeding in public. One project is a Nursing in Public Toolkit and the other is a breastfeeding services interactive, searchable database. 

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May 16th 1-2 p.m. - Clinical

Breastfeeding 101: Answers from an Expert with Dr. Barry

Dr. Colleen Barry is a pediatrician who is currently working at the State of Michigan in the Office of Medical Affairs. She was the lead physician in getting a grant and starting an outpatient breast feeding support clinic, modeled after Dr. Paula Schreck’s clinic in the Detroit Area. Dr. Barry will be providing answers to common breastfeeding issues such as excessive infant weight gain, over supply, under supply and breastfeeding the late preterm infant. We’ll also have time for questions and answers directly from the listeners.


June 20th 1-2 p.m. - Community

A Look at Work-Family Policy and its Influence on Breastfeeding

Erin Macey will be speaking about this very important and relevant topic. The United States is one of the only countries without a national paid family leave program for new mothers, and many countries now offer paid leave for partners as well. Without a national system of paid family leave, families experience disparate access to the time needed to get breastfeeding off to a good start. Furthermore, when women feel compelled to return to work within weeks or sometimes days of giving birth, continuation of their breastfeeding relationship depends on supportive workplace policies. This presentation will discuss access to paid family leave in the U.S., including state and national efforts to increase access. It will also explore nursing mothers’ workplace rights. Erin is a policy analyst at Indiana Institute for Working Families and is a passionate advocate for working families.

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Previous Webinars: (2017)

January 17th  1-2 p.m. - Clinical 

2016  CDC mPINC (Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition Care) survey results are in! 

Maybe you are asking yourself “now what do we do?”.  Are you looking to be more strategic with your quality improvement efforts for your breastfeeding services and advance your mPINC score? Or maybe you are curious about how your scores measure up when compared to National and State composite scores, if so this webinar training is for you!  This call is designed for hospitals but would also benefit people outside of the hospital to provide better understanding of the purpose of mPINC, the 39 Quality Improvement Indicators and why they matter.  We will discuss areas where hospitals across the country have made great improvement and areas that have been particularly stubborn to change with strategies for action threaded throughout.

Past mPINC focused webinars are always among the most popular, so mark your calendar. This webinar will be valuable as you prepare to complete the 2017 mPINC survey later this fall or early 2018. 

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February 21st 1-2 p.m. - Community 1 CERP

Baby Cafe USA with Lucia Jenkins

What is a Baby Cafe? Learn about this amazing free resource for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to get support from specifically-trained staff and to share experiences with other moms. No appointment is needed and Baby Café sites are generally open at least once a week and offer refreshments, comfortable seating, and open-forum discussion. Some Cafes offer play areas for accompanying toddlers. Locations vary from church halls, community rooms and soup kitchens to WIC clinics and hospitals. Some Cafés welcome male partners, and all Cafés welcome female supporters. Join us for this webinar and be inspired!


March 28th 1-2 p.m. - Clinical

"Why Breastfeeding?"…for Pediatric Offices with Dr. Paula Schreck

Dr. Schreck will  discuss WHY breastfeeding should be promoted as a public health initiative and the role pediatric providers play in this promotion.  The presentation will outline HIGH IMPACT BEHAVIORS—effective and efficient actions that pediatric providers can take immediately to create a breastfeeding friendly pediatric practice environment.   

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Previous Webinars: (2016)

January 19 - Clinical
NICU and Donor Milk: What You Need to Know

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February 16 - Community
Coalition to Community: Strategies and Skills for Creating Connection and Engagement

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March 15 - Clinical
Tongue Tie and Lip Ties: Assessment, Care and Challenges

April 19 - Community 
Age As a Disparity: Reflections on a Pilot Project to Address Teen Breastfeeding in Schools

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May 17 - Clinical
Infection Prevention Tips & Breastfeeding

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June 21 - Community 
The Importance of Breastfeeding Support In the Childcare Setting

July 19 - Clinical 
Tele-Health Services for BreastfeedingAugust 16 - Community

Outside Indiana: Michigan's Sparrow Hospital Continuum of Breastfeeding Care-Prenatal-Inpatient-Postpartum

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September 20 - Clinical
Journey to Baby Friendly: Lessons learned from the EmPower National Collaborative-St. Vincent Women's Hospital 

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 October 18 - Community

Snapshots in Disparity Moms in Prison and Cultural Disparities

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November 15 - Clinical

How to Make a Milk Lab

Megan Glen, BS, Manager Enteral Feeding Program at 
Riley Milk Lab will be sharing why they started a milk lab, their scanning system, their aseptic environment, recipes, and the overall process. The benefits will be obvious considering a Milk Lab is a GREAT idea! Of course, she'll also discuss the barriers they encountered along the way. 

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December 13 - Community
Coalition Complications and Non-Profit Solutions

Hear the story of how the Monroe County Breastfeeding Coalition navigated the process of founding a not-for-profit corporation recognized by the state and federal government. This allowed them to set up a free bank account, apply for grants, qualify for services, and receive donations. They are not experts on forming not-for-profits, and you don’t need to be either! "We were surprised to find it wasn’t as intimidating, complicated, or time consuming as we initially thought." In this presentation, Anne Marie Neeley, IBCLC and MaryAnn Martin, PhD, IBCLC will detail a basic flow chart for forming a small, not-for-profit organization like an Indiana County Breastfeeding Coalition. We encourage you to use this presentation as a way to understand the basic steps and know where to begin. They will provide information on finding free and low-cost support for organizing and running small not-for-profit organizations.

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